Keynote Speakers

Prof. Yasuhisa Hirata, Tohoku University, Japan

Biography:Yasuhisa Hirata is a Professor in the Department of Robotics at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. He received the B.E., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from Tohoku University in 1998, 2000, and 2004, respectively. He has been conducting research and development on non-driving robots with high safety and wearable devices with vibration devices, aiming to develop robots that support the user to perform independent activities. He is also conducting research and development of multi-robot cooperative systems that can be applied to a wide range of fields from human assistance to environmental exploration. He is currently working on the introduction of human-assistive/human function-enhancing robots, especially in the fields of nursing care and healthcare as the project manager of the Moonshot R&D program in Japan.
He is also serving as an AdCom member of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), an associate vice-president for Technical Activity Board of IEEE RAS, and Co-chairs of IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics.


Prof. Mingcong Deng, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Techology, Japan

Biography: Professor Mingcong Deng is a professor of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Professor Deng's research interests include learning & operator based robust nonlinear control system designs and applications. His research is at the forefront of heralding the next generation of learning & operator based nonlinear safety control, which will have a monumental impact on key aspects of industries and life-science systems, including fault detection, isolation and tolerant control of nonlinear systems.
He has significantly contributed to learning & operator based nonlinear control technology, systems development and knowledge. His research results have been expounded in one monograph by IEEE Press Series on Systems Science and Engineering, as well as in more than 550 publications in prestigious journals and prominent conferences, with several important application approaches, such as: Networked Distributed Control System (DCS) device based processes, polymer electrolyte fuel cells, smart materials actuators, wood drying systems, wireless power transfer systems, 3-DOF micro hands, micro reactors, and carbon dioxide capture and storage systems.
He is a member of The Engineering Academy of Japan. He is a Chair of Environmental Sensing, Networking, and Decision Making Technical Committee of IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society and Co-Chair of Agricultural Robotics and Automation Technical Committee of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. Prof. Deng has organized 11 times International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems as the general chair, which is technically sponsored by IEEE SMC Society.
Professor Deng received the 2014 & 2019 Meritorious Services Award from IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, 2020 IEEE RAS Most Active Technical Committee Award from IEEE RAS Society.


Invited Speakers

Prof. Adrian Olaru, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Biography: Prof. Adrian Olaru finished the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Machines and Manufacturing Systems, Romania, in 1974, head of promotion. From 1974 until 1990 he worked as a designing engineer at the "Optica Romana" Enterprise, also being an associate assistant at the Faculty of Machine-Building Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. In 1990 Prof. Adrian became an appointed lecturer at the Faculty of Technological Systems Engineering and Management, the Machine-Tools Department. Now, he is university full professor, and teaches the following courses: Industrial Robots Dynamics, LabVIEW application in modeling and simulation of the dynamic behavior of robots, Technological Transport Systems, Electrohydraulic Servosystems, Analyze and Syntese of Electrohydraulic Servosistems for Industrial Robots, Personal and social robots and Vibration of the virtual prototypes of industrial robots. Prof. Adrian Olaru has published over 160 national and international papers concerning modeling and simulation of hydraulic power system, technological transport systems, electrical and hydraulic servo systems and dynamic behavior of industrial robots. For recent relevant details, see the publication list and the web page. He also has substantial contribution for over than ten technical books. Prof. Adrian Olaru was invited professor of the prestigious universities arround the world and the invited speacker at the different international conferences from Slovakie, France, Italy, China, India, Iran, Poland, Autrich, Rusian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Turkie, Croatie. He was coopted each year in the more than 30 International Technical Committees and like general co-chair from the different international conferences arroun the world: USA, Australy, India, United Arab Emirates, Porto Rico, China, Singapore, Malayesia, Japan, Tayland, Slovaky, Czech Republic.

Prof. Ryspek Usubamatov, Kyrgyz State Technical University, Kyrgyzstan

Biography: Dr. Ryspek Usubamatov studied Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, graduated as a professional engineer in 1966, and received his Ph.D., in 1972 at the same university. After several years of postdoctoral research, he obtained the degree of Dr. Tech. Sc, at the Kyrgyzstan Academy of Sciences. He worked as the engineer-designer of the machine tools at the Bishkek Engineering plant in Kyrgystan. Then worked for 20 years as a lecturer and professor at the Kyrgyz State Technical University after I. Razzakov. By the reason of the political and economic crisis in Kyrgyzstan, he migrated and worked as Professor for 15 years at the universities in Malaysia. He has published over 400 research manuscripts in reputed journals, 8 books, 30 brochures, and 60 patents of inventions. About half of them are in English publications. His fundamental scientific books are "Productivity Theory for Industrial Engineering", Taylor & Francis, 2018, London, New York, Boca Raton, and "Theory of Gyroscopic Effects for Rotating Objects", 2nd ed. Springer, Cham, Switzerland, 2022. He was awarded bronze and silver medals at the International Exhibitions in Malaysia (ITEX) in 2009 and 2012, and by the Order of Merit, World Inventor Award Festival, WIAF 2012, Korea.  He is a member of several international scientific associations and the editorial board member for eight regional and international journals. His research results were presented at more than 50 regional and international conferences and seven times was a keynote speaker at USA, France, Italy, and Malaysia conferences. Every year he receives about 20 invitations to be a plenary/keynote speaker of the international aerospace conferences.



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